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I really like this maths site. I was in your maths group last year and it was really fun, my favourite things were the torture tables because I usually got them right, but if I didn't you would always give me a house point. I think that it's a really good way to get children to learn their times tables more often and hopefully get better marks in maths.


We read your maths page in maths today and I loved how your maths aerobics works.


I think this is a great way of practicing people's times tables and I think this is a good maths blog.


I think the Maths aerobics helps you get exercise and is also a great way for learning your times tables.


It is a favourite site for maths.


I like your maths site as it shows all the things that you can learn.

Roisin Clarke

I think maths games are great.

georgia sweatman

I think this is a great maths blog and it is really a great way to help with any ones maths and is really fun.


The information in this blog is very important and beautiful.

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